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I've decided to re-purpose this site. If you are one of the .0000001% of people who ever saw the old page and miss it, you can still read it

Meanwhile I have a Blog where I get to be as crabby as I want to be. If you have a problem with that, too dang bad.

New in the blog (well, all of it, for gosh, sakes.) Counterfeit money. Martial Arts movies. Jet Li.

Upcoming crabby rants: Why Jet Li should be a romantic lead. Why Jackie Chan should be one, too. But Jet Li first. More stuff I think is wrong with movies. Plus, I feel like being crabby about books, too. Why Microsoft annoys me sometimes. A lot.

People who know they're being watched, and that their innocent actions can result in police scrutiny, are people who become scared to step out of line.... People living in this kind of society are not free, despite any illusionary security they receive. It's contrary to all the ideals that went into founding the United States. Bruce Schneier

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