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Eslie Walsh Her favorite color depends upon fashion and whim. A voracious reader since her days as a Rhodes Scholar she is a confessed [insert latest fad] afficianado. Eslie sets the style, she never follows.

Raj V. Speckles: Received his PhD in Nuclear Physics from the University of California at Berkeley. He enjoys sporting events and tracking down, and interviewing, preternatural creatures.

Caroline Opal: Our most recent correspondent, Ms. Caroline Opal, loves summer fog, evening strolls just before sunset and plays a wicked game of canasta. She enjoys football, rugby and petanque, at which she is a recent French National Champion.

Your Name Here? Jewel is always looking for fresh, new writers. If you think you're funny, well, fire up the e-mail client, paste in your funniest material and send it to The Editor. Payment: In prestige alone.

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