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E d i t o r i a l ö Speck-ulations

by Raj V. Speckles
September 2000

V ision frequently eludes even the most intelligent among us. What is vision? Why do some of us have it and others not? Plainly, vision is more than light hitting rods and cones. Vision is the key to success. Without vision, ideas are doomed to failure.

I recently spent an entire afternoon contemplating the nature of vision. Mine, by the way, is 20/10. Keen eyesight indeed, but do I have vision?

On my forays into the world of the supernatural, I meet many creatures who may comfortably be said to have vision. Grendal, a hobgoblin of my recent aquaintance is a poet whose inner vision is fed by moonlight and, sadly, a bit of blood. My blood.

Lest you wonder at my maudlin tone, let me remark that I dictate this from my hospital bed, a morphine drip just begun. (Thank you, Eslie, for coming by and offering to take down my thoughts.)

Even with my injuries, I remember Grendal's sweet poetry. The click of bones, the roll of the dice, a growl of pleasure or discontent. The graceful leap toward my throat.

Thoughts swirl in my head, spots before my eyes. Vision. Yes, now I have a vision of bats in my sock drawer. Keep the garlic at hand.


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