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E d i t o r i a l ö Speck-ulations

by Raj V. Speckles
August 2000

A nuclear physicist by training, I often wonder about the world and why it runs, or doesn't run, the way it should. Rules, it seems, govern every aspect of our lives.

Even though our understanding of Quantum Mechanics is imperfect at best, therein lies the answer to many seemingly strange phenomena.

If I may, I will give an example: This column. Consider the chain of events resulting in these words, assuming for the moment that time flows in one direction only (It doesn't, but we'll leave that for a future column).

Over time, the movement of my fingers is predicated upon neural activity, a burst of energy leaping across a synapse like a grape shot out of a really small but incredibly powerful cannon. What a mess when it lands. A humbling complexity exists here. More grape shots, if you will, precede the keyboard input. I must create the thought, imagine the words, move my fingers, all an intricate line-dance of illogic.

Understanding continues to elude us.


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