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T h e  B a c k   S i d e ö  Britain and the Defeat of Napoleon 1807 - 1815 by Rory Muir
Yale University Press

by Eslie Walsh
August 2000
Rating: ö ö
Quick Bits: Fine horse. Splendid boots. Interesting lighting effect.

I don't often pick up a book in hard cover, but the defeat of Napoleon? How could I resist? I just love little Napoleons and had to know how disaster was averted and the world made safe for exquisite puff pasteries. Well, imagine my consternation when the back of this book contained nothing but a painting-- in black and white no less --of the Duke of Wellington. Granted, he rides a fine horse and sports splendid boots (note, his grace appears to have had rather nice legs), but he was surrounded by soldiers, some of whom may actually be in extremis. However, on to the review.

This solidly constructed back cover is a pleasing midnight blue. Large white letters in a serif font identify the publisher. The ISBN number and bar code are suitably large. The painting has no border, is black and white, and contains abundant lurid detail. All-in-all, not what I expected from the title.

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