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T h e  B a c k   S i d e ö  Legenday Lover by Susan Johnson
Bantam Books

by Eslie Walsh
May 2001
Rating: ö ö ö
Quick Bits: Jade to Apple Green background. Epistolary format.

The epistolary form has a long and storied tradition in literature, but on a back cover? Not at all traditional. "Dear Readers" it begins. How intimate. How romantic. Such dash and style. Ah, but Jack Fitz-James, the Marquis of Redvers, deserves his reputation and here he's demonstrated why. I tell you, I got chills just thinking about him. I really did. I met him once, you know. I was wearing this cunning little lilac sheath, and really, he was just so charming and urbane. A truly noble man. However, on to the review.

This back cover is a gentle jade to apple green, not so pale as to be pastel, thank goodness. In this woman's opinion, pastel is overdone these days. Please, no more! I found the serif font a bit small. Uninviting from a distance with the lack of a paragraph indent giving the whole a rather chunky look. The placement of the ISBN number, price and barcode compensate for this tragic flaw. Black sans-serif against white. Truely outstanding. In sum, not the best backside, but by no means the worst.

jewel ön line
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