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T h e  B a c k   S i d e ö  The Oxford Guide to Heraldry by Thomas Woodcock and John Martin Robinson
Oxford University Press

by Eslie Walsh
September 2001
Rating: ö ö ö
Quick Bits: Exquisite.

Lovely, lovely, lovely. Against a glossy blue background a white bordered rectangle. And inside that generous frame, an array of the cutest little sketches (in color!). Best of all, each of these little drawings is directly related to someone who was once rich and important. I'm going to contact the Somerst Herald, Mr. Woodcock and the Fitzalan Pursuivant Extraordinary Mr. Robinson and ask if they can't whip together something for me. I'm atingle just thinking about. My stationary will be all the rage!

Ah, the review. Few words, always a plus. And the ISBN number is also framed in a white box. Clear and quite easy to read. A must for your library.

jewel ön line
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