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T h e  B a c k   S i d e ö  From Dawn to Decadence 1500 to The Present - 500 Years of Western Cultural Life by Jacques Barzun
Harper Collins

by Eslie Walsh
December 2001
Rating: ö ö ö
Quick Bits: Bravo Copain!

I never imaged that Jacques, you know, that dreamy Sud de la Belle France accented chef, whom you may see on PBS was such an intellectuel. I should have known, for les Françaises, ils sont trés trés deep. I picked up this book thinking I'd find some clever little receits for l'entertainementes pour doux, oui! but no. Instead of haricot verts or pain au chocolat -- essays. Religion, polictics, histoire, philosophie! Immediately, I rushed out for a pack of Gauloise and a shot of espresso. La vie en rose but for the smoke in mes yeuxs.

Ah, the review. Quite a lot of words, most of which to tell the truth, I hardly even skimmed. The cover is black and gold, quite a pleasing combination. The ISBN number is framed in a white box and so is quite clear and quite easy to read. A must for your kitchen!

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