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T h e  B a c k   S i d e ö  The Accidental Bride by Jane Feather

by Eslie Walsh
September 2000
Rating: ö ö ö
Quick Bits: 5 em-dashes. 3 ellipses.

All those em-dashes and ellipses. Honestly, I was a-tingle. Just like the heroine, Phoebe, must be at the tender caress of a "somewhat intimidating" husband. And the husband, Cato. "Darkly, breathtakingly handsome." A forced engagement, disastrous love, untidy hair and rumpled clothes. But enough of that. Let's get to the heart of the review!

Crafted in the style of a letter to the reader -- complete with the author's signature!-- this cover background is a pleasing pastel blue set with a rather small serif font. It's been done before, but the execution here is more than acceptable. At 234 words, it's lengthy, but there's nothing I like better than to curl up with a nice long back cover.

One complaint - The ISBN number is really small!

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