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I n t e r v i e w ö Talk Turkey!

Special to jewel by Caroline Opal
August 2000
photographs courtesy of cjewel

Tomas - headshot

Tomas is a real turkey, and he's the first to admit it. Our correspondent Caroline Opal met with Tomas and talked turkey.

CO: Tell me, Tomas, what's it like to be a turkey?

TT: Is that a bug on your arm?

CO: Whew! Thanks, Tomas. So, I understand you're an expert skateboarder. How'd you get interested in that?

TT: While I was writing my dissertation I just needed a break from time to time. Skateboarding really let me blow off some steam. I'd come back totally refreshed.

ö Favorite book: Britain and the Defeat of Napoleon

CO: You got your doctorate in microbiology, am I right?Tomas the Turkey

TT: Yes, that's correct.

CO: Any hobbies?

TT: Besides skateboarding? Yes, many. I enjoy reading. I write poetry, haiku mostly, but lately I've tried my hand at sonnets. I've recently fallen in love, and she seems to like the sonnets. I've also been experimenting with cold fusion. I heated our Jacuzzi until the beaker got knocked over.

CO: A real renaissance turkey.Tomas at home Where do you see yourself in five years?

TT: Well, by then I hope to have patented the generation of energy via cold fusion, but I also expect to have my second doctorate in applied macro-economics.

CO: Tomas, it's been a pleasure.

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