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F e a t u r e ö Stonehenge in North America!

by Raj V. Speckles
May 2001

Mysterious Formation Rocks Scientists!

Where have all the Druids gone?

Pile of Rocks

Well, they're not hiding anymore, as this authentic photograph proves. Scientists from around the world gathered at a rural California site where ancient Druids are said to have once again begun their mysterious and mystical rites. Mr. Roland Marcusite, owner of the property, awoke one morning to find the formation. "T'warn't there last night," claimed this unflappable father of three. "Was there this morning. Don't much care for it."

Mrs. Marcusite, out feeding the goats earlier that morning, saw several grey-clad figures running from the site of the formation. "They were clad in grey," she said.

Expert Analysis of Photograph

Expert analysis of the photograph (a jewel ön line exclusive) demonstrates the photograph's authenticity. Note the grey rocks, neatly stacked and the distant river beds. (Ed: on some computer displays, this may appear as a gravel road. You'll have to buy a new monitor to accurately view the photographic details.)

Bosh! Says Leading Scientist

Internationally acclaimed researcher Gwendolyn P. Snacks, PhD, FMSC, called for calm and consideration as she issued a stern denial of Druidical involvment in this formation. "Bosh!" cried Dr. Snacks when asked whether her walking stick was in fact a Druid's wooden staff. "Double Bosh!" was the reply when asked about her grey-clad figure.

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