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F e a t u r e ö Resolutions

by Caroline Opal
March 2002

New Year's Resolutions

10 Ways to Improve Your Life

It's a New Year but you're stuck with the same old life. What's a poor soul to do? Well, jewel to the rescue. Here's 5 simple resolutions that will put you on the fast track to happiness.

1. Change your name. If you're a man, Brad Pitt might do. For women, Julia Roberts or Condaleeza Rice might be good choices.

2. Never wear blue. Everyone knows what a depressing color that is. Ever hear of anyone with the reds or the purples?

3. Improve that bottom line. Jewel has lots of fabulous financial advice. Start there!

4. Buy a new car, something snazzy like a Mercedes convertible.

5. Once a week, tell someone how wonderful you are. They'll appreciate it because they're sure to pick up lots of great tips about how they, too, can improve their miserable lot in life.

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