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F e a t u r e ö Books without Pictures

10 ways to deal with the disappointment

by Eslie Walsh
September 2000

It's happened to almost everyone. Languishing in the checkout stand or rushing through the aisles at your local independent bookseller. Your eye is caught by a compelling cover. Lurid colors, large serif font. Rippling muscle, a glimpse of cleavage or dripping gore. You throw it in the basket and you're off to the farmer's market. Then, sitting down with an organic peach and cup of fragrant herbal tea you open the book and find . . . Nothing but words! Here's what you can do:

  1. Draw your own pictures in the margins;
  2. Tear off the cover and place it on each opposite page, moving your lips as you read;
  3. Leave on the coffee table, a book with unturned pages makes an ideal coaster;
  4. Discard the book and slip into a steamy bubble bath;
  5. Take a brooding walk on the moor.

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