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N E W S ö Shattering Events

by Eslie Walsh
August 2000

Disaster Come-A-Courtin'

It was a day like any other. A sunny Northern California weekend, and then, a leap to a fatal end.

This could have happened to anyone. To any fragile fungible. At any time. But it happened here. August 5, 2000 about 2:36 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time. This time, a small green bottle of the type easily and cheaply purchased in any grocery or convenience store. Next time, your favorite mug or that cup you use to hold your toothbrush.

Broken Bottle.
Also seen: Highly reflective shards of glass amid other minute debris. (Photo at right shows area of detail circled here.)
broken glass with area of detail circled in pink Detail of Broken Glass.  Note Small Pieces Area of Detail.
Note very small pieces of glass and extremely sharp edges.

Photographs courtesy of cjewel and © by cjewel.

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