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I n t e r v i e w ö The Cat's Meow!

Special to jewel by Caroline Opal
November 2001 - photographs courtesy of cjewel

Correspondent Caroline Opal recently snagged this exclusive interview with Jasper, the Cat's Meow. Enjoy.

Blase Cat

CO: Jasper, this is such an honor. I'm thrilled to be here with you today.

J: Mm. (Yawn) If you say so.

CO: So, Jasper---

J: My friends call me Jazz or Jazzman. But you can call me Jasper.

Favorite Magazine: The New Yorker ö

CO: Thank you. What an honor. So, just so our readers know, you're not Siamese, is that right?

J: I'm Tonkinese, actually. Champagne and mink, if anyone's interested. How much longer will this take? I'm getting tired.

ö Hobby: Napping

CO: I hear you recently---

J: Really, really tired.

CO: Well, I think everyone would like to know about---

J: [No response, Ed.]

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