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E d i t o r i a l ö Apostrophe Catastrophe

by Eslie Walsh
July 2000

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The lowly apostrophe. Its much misunderstood. At my friends the Edwardses's house the other day we sat down to a meal of carmelized leeks and capon stew (except Tom, he insists hes still a vegan) and once again fell into a heated discussion about punctuation. The subject inevitably turned to this oft mis-used mark. Soon, words were brandished like the swords' of old. It's location, said Carla, a woman who stands a mere 5" 3' suggests an attempt to uplift the spirit.

Raj insisted the apostrophe originated when a monks pen slipped on a sheet of vellum and said monk didnt wish to be caught erasing.

My own opinion I posed in the form of two questions. Why does a single mark need a 10-letter word to describe it? And why does everyone pronounce the word as if there were four syllables when everyone knows there's only three? Tom threw a glass of a California Burgundy at me and therein lies the title of this piece, for I was wearing white.

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